Stephen Lipman is a native New Yorker who lives and works in the Bronx, New York.

His work has been shown in numerous venues in NYC and beyond. He received a BFA in Fine Art and Philosophy from Manhattan College, NY and continued his education at the Art Students League, NY.

The work from the beginning has been process oriented. A system is set in place with specific parameters that are applied to a range of text and image based subjects, from his earlier graffiti tags, to his current work with books and other found ephemera.

"Iā€™m interested in adding my thoughts to objects that have gone through a history before reaching me. The original 'author' creates a book, drawing or photo. It goes through a process of reproduction; scanned, printed, photographed, etc. Later the object or image is copied, printed, shared, annotated... all before I find it. Then I create the work through a variety of methods, in effect, collaborating with the original author. There are multiple authors of my work, interacting and connected, despite the passage of time."