Stephen Lipman is a native New Yorker who lives and works in the Bronx, New York.

His work has been shown in numerous venues in NYC and beyond. He received a BFA in Fine Art and Philosophy from Manhattan College, NY and continued his education at the Art Students League, NY.

The work from the beginning has been process oriented. A system is set in place with specific parameters that are applied to a range of text and image based subjects, from his earlier graffiti tags, to his current work with books and other found ephemera.

"I’m interested in adding my thoughts to objects that have gone through a history before reaching me. The original 'author' creates a book, drawing or photo. It goes through a process of reproduction; scanned, printed, photographed, etc. Later the object or image is copied, printed, shared, annotated... all before I find it. Then I create the work through a variety of methods, in effect, collaborating with the original author. There are multiple authors of my work, interacting and connected, despite the passage of time."